Photo of Karen Kelleher a white woman with curly brown hair

Karen Kelleher

Cofunder and financial sponsor

Photo of Jack Cooper. He is a black man wearing a suit and tie, standing in front of a bookcase.

Jack Cooper

Partner with the RLA

Maria Latimore faces the camera. She is wearing a red shirt and standing in front of trees.

Maria Latimore


Group photo of people at Kripalu

Kripalu Spotlight

Photo of Jennifer, a white woman with gray hair. She is smiling at the camera. The background is out of focus but shows a blue green art piece.

Jennifer Gilbert


Photo of Sarah Lamitie. She is a white woman with shoulder length gray hair wearing a black blazer. She is smiling at the camera.

Sarah Lamitie

Steering Committee Member


Christian Brandt

MKI Steering Committee and Instructor


Elana Brochin

MKI Instructor

Marilyn headshot

Marilyn Sanchez

Alliance Steering Committee


Elijah Romulus

MKI Instructor


Lydia Lowe

Resident Leadership Academy Partner

jack geary

Jack Geary

MKI Instructor and Mentor


Carlos Espinoza-Toro

Small Business Development Partner

emily kawano headshot

Emily Kawano

MKI Instructor

laurie hunt

Laurie Hunt

Alliance Mentorship Partner

carol roberts

Carol Roberts

Resident Leadership Academy


Sarah Horsley

MKI Instructor

ken willis

Ken Willis

Community Development Mentor


Hannah Carrillo

Certificate Cohort Participant

maria headshot

Maria Fernandes-Dominique

Resident Leadership Academy

casey starr

Casey Starr

MKI Steering Committee

john fitzgerald

John Fitzgerald

Alliance Steering Committee


Shernice Davis

LISC AmeriCorps


Jenny Raitt

Professional Education


Gonzalo Puigbo

Alliance Mentorship


Sonia Andujar

Public Housing Training Program