Sai Boddupalli

by Amanda Kahan

MKI Affiliation:

Mentoring and Fellowship Program


Mentoring and Fellowship Program


Builders of Color Coalition


Meet Sai Boddupalli, a dedicated Program Administrator at the Builders of Color Coalition, a nonprofit organization working towards greater access and diversity in Boston's thriving commercial real estate and development sector. Every day, Sai skillfully handles multiple roles to ensure seamless daily operations of the organization - from event coordination to relationship building and even managing essential email communications.  

As someone responsible for compliance and finances, Sai's diligent efforts on both front-end and back-end tasks play a vital role in maintaining the organization's positive standing. Part of his role is managing the Builders of Color Coalition's fellowship program and mentoring programs in partnership with the Mel King Institute. When asked about a proud moment in his career, he quickly mentioned the program, describing his experience as nothing short of phenomenal. Sai spoke about how he gained valuable insights into fostering a conducive and harmonious environment through managing the fellowship.

After graduating from the renowned Berklee College of Music in Back Bay, Sai embarked on an incredible journey of musical exploration, touring the globe and immersing himself in diverse cultures. This experience sparked his interest in built environments and urban design concepts promoting equality. On returning to Boston, Sai worked at a music venue in Cambridge, which eventually led him to join the board of the Central Square Business Association - a nonprofit creating his entry into this field. Sai found that his creativity was invaluable for problem-solving, becoming an essential aspect of his identity.

Sai is a passionate advocate for community development driven by the belief that people should have easy access to elements inspiring joy, life, and art. He regards these aspects as essentials rather than luxuries in our daily lives. "Art is part of community development, and communities deserve access to events or programming or public installations that bring people together to explore their worldview further," shares Sai. As our world evolves, Sai's commitment to integrating art and thoughtful design within our communities fosters meaningful connections and shared experiences.

As a first-generation American and child of immigrants, Sai understands the commonalities among others with similar backgrounds but also stresses that each person's pursuit of equality is unique and viewed through their own lens. He believes diversity amplifies mutual advocacy, resulting in collective strength. At his current organization, predominantly serving black and brown individuals in commercial real estate, Sai focuses on actively listening to support and champion the needs of the black and brown community. In his words, "I like to remove myself from the conversation in those ways or be mindful about when I'm inserting my own lived experience into certain experiences."