Shirronda Almeida

Director, Mel King Institute

Shirronda Almeida, Director of The Mel King Institute for Community Building, serves on MACDC’s management team and supports Community Development organizations in improving their capacity to reach their mission. She joined the team in 2002, as a Program Coordinator and later served as Membership Director. Now, under the auspices of the Institute launched in 2009, she manages the robust professional education program, Alliance – Advancing Community Development by Confronting Racism, the Community Development Mentoring Program, and the annual MKI Breakfast event. The Institute engages over 500 people annually and partners to offer programs for professionals, AmeriCorps members, Board members, residents, and other local leaders in community development.

Shirronda is a gubernatorial appointee for the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, and on the boards of the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network, and Center for the Living City. In 2017, she was presented with the Nancy Nye Memorial Award by Women’s Institute for Housing and Economic Development. Prior to her time at MACDC, Shirronda worked in youth development programming, community organizing, prevention and public art programs. She holds a Master's degree in Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education and a B.A. from Simmons University. Shirronda is Reiki Master and a registered yoga instructor.


Phone: (617) 379-5923

Amanda's headshot

Amanda Kahan

Communications and Program Coordinator

Amanda is a graduate of UniBagozzi in Curitiba, Brazil, finishing first in her class with a degree in Marketing. She has excelled as a marketing manager for Agape Transportation and as a marketing and operations manager for a flourishing hair salon, hosting over 60 experts. Amanda relocated to the United States in 2018 as part of an exchange program to extend her experience in Digital Marketing and Communications.

Throughout her career, Amanda's marketing and design expertise has contributed to various initiatives, such as new brand imaging. In her current role, she oversees the professional education program for Mel King Institute, coordinates trainings, maintains the website, and produces newsletters featuring spotlight articles and testimonials. Part of her work is also to ensure that MACDC's communications align with their core values of racial equity, economic justice, and community voice while continuously using data analytics to enhance their communication strategies.

In addition to MACDC, Amanda dedicates herself to IMPACTability as the VP of Marketing and Board Member. In this role, she is responsible for supervising all marketing and communication strategies, as well as managing fundraising efforts.

Apart from work, Amanda cherishes spending quality time with her family and adorable puppy, often accompanied by Beyoncé's tunes. 


Phone: (617) 379 5925

Rodolfo Saldarriaga-Huallpa

Program Support Consultant

Rodolfo Saldarriaga finalized his studies in Community Psychology at the University of San Marcos, in Peru. After working for some years there in community outreach and youth-related work he immigrated to the USA, where he started working as a housing case manager and eventually went back to the scope of community-related work

Rodolfo performs different roles at different organizations concerning housing, leadership development, and community engagement. At the Mel King Institute, his primary focus of work is to support the management of the Resident Leadership Training for CDCs. 


Emma Caviness

Program Associate

Emma Caviness is newly the Program Associate for the Resident Leadership Academy at the Mel King Institute for Community Building, where they work with grassroots leader to build their power and voice.

Prior to MACDC, Emma served as an Americorps Legal Advocate at Massachusetts Law Reform Institute in the housing unit, working on legislative research and producing policy reports. Emma holds a Master's in Public Affairs from Brown University, and a B.A. from Brown University.


(617) 379-5933

Steering Committee

  • Amanda Kahan, MKI

  • Carol Roberts, Brockton Housing Authority

  • Emily Haber, MACDC

  • Emma Caviness, MKI

  • Ezra Glenn, MIT

  • Jose Iraheta, The Neighborhood Developers

  • Libby Hayes, MassHousing

  • Lynn Peterson, NeighborWorks America

  • Madeline Nash, CEDAC

  • Mathew Thall, Mathew Thall Consulting

  • Matt Wilson, Campaign Consultant

  • Rodolfo Saldarriaga Huallpa

  • Sarah Lamitie, Boston Private

  • Sarah Byrnes, Mass Union of Public Housing Tenants

  • Sasha Parodi, Metropolitan Area Planning Council

  • Sharon Fosbury, The Neighborhood Developers

  • Shelly Goehring, Mass Housing Partnership

  • Shirronda Almeida, MKI

  • Tiana Lawrence, Coalition for a Better Acre