Sue Marsh

by Amanda Kahan

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MKI Partner


Community Dispute Settlement Center (CDSC)


Sue Marsh, the Director of Operations at the Community Dispute Settlement Center (CDSC), has been a driving force in her community for over two decades. Since then, Sue has been instrumental in shaping the lives of many individuals and fostering a sense of unity within the community. Through her tireless dedication to conflict resolution and unwavering commitment to her work, Sue Marsh continues to make an indelible impact on those around her. The CDSC has been working tirelessly to support the community and is dedicated to providing an alternative and affordable platform for conflict resolution. CDSC promotes better understanding and management of conflicts through skilled teams of pro bono mediators, comprehensive training programs in mediation and conflict management, and extensive community outreach efforts. 

After graduating from Boston University with a degree in Political Science, Sue started her career in community development when she got an internship at the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless. She spoke about how her job at MaHomeless made her see how impactful the community-building work was and made her passion for helping people grow after seeing how many lives she was able to affect. Sue's experience at the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless allowed her to witness first-hand the positive impact that community-building initiatives can have. It not only increased her understanding of the issues faced by individuals experiencing homelessness but also ignited a deep sense of purpose within her. Witnessing the lives that she was able to touch and seeing the tangible changes that could be made through community work. 

When asked about an important moment in her work with CDSC, Sue did not hesitate to name the Conflict Skills Workshop the group will be offering to our community. This workshop is designed to focus on improving conflict skills and teaching individuals how to communicate effectively in difficult situations. By participating in this workshop, people gain valuable knowledge on how to build community by developing a shared language to address conflict challenges. In addition to her workshops, Sue has dedicated her career to leading nonprofit organizations, specifically addressing the needs of low-income and underrepresented individuals. Her unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of others has truly set her apart. 

The Mel King Institute is excited to collaborate with the Community Dispute Settlement Center on a series of fall trainings. "Got Conflict? Conflict Skills Workshop: Deal with Conflict Effectively" is a two-hour online workshop that will take place on October 3 (For Public Housing Residents), November 08 (for Community residents), and December 06 (for CDC and LHA staff members). Please note that the workshop on October 03 is for Public Housing residents only.