Conflict Skills Workshop: Deal with Conflict Effectively for Organizations

MKI Training


2 hours




This workshop focuses on improving conflict skills and how to communicate effectively in difficult situations. You’ll build community by having a shared language with which to deal with conflict challenges.We train by combining presentations with experiential learning – you’ll have fun! We’ve found that those skills related to effective conflict management are best learned by practice. During the workshop, we’ll use your own experiences to:

● Learn about the styles of conflict

● Learn what influences the way people respond to conflict

● Learn how conflict escalates

● Learn how to de-escalate conflict

You’ll learn about active listening, communicating to be heard and how to ask questions.

Yes Miller is a staff person at the Community Dispute Settlement Center, who has trained hundreds of people in managing conflict. CDSC is a community mediation center which provide mediation services at very low or no cost on a range of issues, including housing, divorce, parenting, workplace, neighborhood and more.

Registration deadline

Registration fee

$30 student & AmeriCorps/ $50 MACDC member $75 non MACDC member