Kripalu Spotlight

by Hanalei Steinhart
Group photo of people at Kripalu


In August and September of 2022, the Resident Leadership Academy had the wonderful opportunity to send our staff Sarah Byrnes, Resident Leadership Academy Director and Tiana Lawrence, Mel King Institute Program Associate along with several RLA trainers to participate in the overnight Retreat and Renewal program at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, MA. Kripalu is a well-known nonprofit educational organization that is centered on centuries-old teachings of yoga, mindfulness, and both personal and communal transformation.  

The Kripalu Retreat and Renewal program is geared towards giving participants the space and self-guided time to both rest and reflect. The program is the perfect opportunity to figure out what works best for you, redefining what and how self-care is practiced and sustained in our daily lives. The Resident Leadership Academy prides itself in centering self-care as an essential practice in our leadership development and organizing approach. “Visiting Kripalu was an amazing experience, and came at a great time for me,” said Sarah Byrnes of the MKI staff. In the past, we hosted two Self-Care webinars that provided our resident network with knowledge and tools for sustaining ourselves and centering overall wellness in our organzing and leadership work. The experiences at Kripalu allowed for resident trainers to fully immerse themselves in an environment that was centered on providing grounding experiences for the mind, body, and spirit. The Mel King Institute thanks Kripalu for this wonderful partnership and opportunity. To learn more about Kripalu, please click here.  


Please enjoy testimonials from the RLA Staff and RLA Trainers below:

"Kripalu was a wonderful yet needed experience, that granted a scenic space, wonderful people, and grounding activities that allowed for reflection, connection, and an appreciation for life." 

~ Tiana Lawrence, MKI Program Associate  

"Thank you Kripalu for such an amazing experience! I felt so at ease and time slowed down for me. I was able to think about the direction life was headed in and left feeling a bit more grounded with a sense of renewal. I know I need to make space for myself, so I plan to make this a practice."  

~ Lashaunda Watson, RLA Trainer  


"The work we do at MKI is rewarding but also can be overwhelming—which makes it essential to take some time and step back for rest and reflection. My two days at Kripalu helped me do just that. Yoga, meditation, and beauty – what’s not to love?” 

~ Sarah Byrnes, RLA Director