Ari Veloz

by Amanda Kahan
Ari Veloz

MKI Affiliation:

Program Partner


Chief Community Program Office


Mass Growth Capital Corp


The MGCC is an excellent place for small businesses to get the support they need. Ari Veloz, the Chief Community Program Office, shared how the MGCC supports small businesses throughout the state, specifically those that are underrepresented. Ari explained that they focus on supporting women, minority businesses in war zones and gateway cities, LGBTQ+ under-representation, low-income individuals, and veterans. She shared that their programs are designed to provide these groups with the necessary resources to succeed. In addition, she said, "the programs that I oversee support the operations of the nonprofit organizations that are providing direct support through technical assistance for these small businesses.

Ari is a passionate traveler who has had the opportunity to explore the world and learn about different cultures. She has a strong interest in economics and entrepreneurship and has seen first-hand the struggles of those without access to subsidies and education during her time abroad, which drew her to do this outstanding work. She has a deep appreciation for different cultures and cuisines and loves to help immigrants and business owners succeed in the US. Ari's work inspires resilience and determination, and her passion for helping others is evident. When asked why she decided to pursue this field, Ari spoke about her desire to help people to stand on their own feet and structure their businesses to succeed as much as possible.

Ari also talked about how the MGCC works to ensure that small businesses have access to capital and other resources. She said that they connect them with technical assistance providers. The technical assistance providers offer workshops and seminars on topics such as business planning, financial statements, marketing, and market research. Finally, Ari discussed how MGCC is working towards increasing access to resources for under-representation businesses in Massachusetts. Overall, it was inspiring to hear about how the MGCC is working to support small businesses in Massachusetts. It's clear that they are committed to creating a more equitable business environment for all.