Professional Education Scholarships

Professional Education Scholarships help defray registration or tuition expenses for courses and trainings outside of the Mel King Institute for MACDC member community development staff and board members.
The Mel King Institute for Community Building recognizes the importance of supporting the professional development of our field and contributing to the growth of individual practitioners, volunteer board members, as well as organizations.



• To apply, candidates must be a full member of MACDC or a board member for a member CDC.
• Scholarships will be offered from $150 to $500. Scholarships cannot be more than 75% of cost to attend.
• Individual participants may only receive one scholarship per fiscal year (July-June).
• Each member organization is limited to no more than three scholarships per year.
• The course or training selected is centered on skill building and training in community development as opposed to general nonprofit management.

Application process

To apply, candidates must complete a Professional Education Scholarship Application, including a brief statement on how this course or training will enhance their work. The completed application, cover letter and letter of support should be submitted to the Mel King Institute for Community Building via email or fax by the quarterly deadline.

Approval and Notification Process

Once the application and all required attachments are returned, the Mel King Institute Director will review the submission. Scholarships will be awarded on a rolling basis. Candidates will be notified via email within 5-7 days of their submission.

Scholarship Criteria

• All areas of the application are completed, including the letter of support from the supervisor, executive director or board president 
• The applicant has demonstrated the value of the course and how it will benefit the applicant professionally
• Course or training content is focused on community development 
• Course is not an offering of the Mel King Institute for Community Building

To begin, download the Professional Education Scholarship Application.