The Push and Pull: Declining Interest in Nonprofit Leadership

This report presents findings from BMP’s 2022 survey of more than 3,000 nonprofit staff on the factors related to their aspiration to top leadership roles, as well as the experiences of current nonprofit leaders.

Advocates' Guide 2024!

Every year, the National Low Income Housing Coalition publishes the Advocates’ Guide to educate advocates of all kinds about the programs and policies that make housing affordable to low-income people across America.

Compare Project Management Software

Search and select project management software to build your own comparison and see which provider best fits your requirements.

Dirty Data Cost Calculator

Association Trends
Download this whitepaper and learn how to: Calculate how much dirty data is currently costing your association, and how much it will continue costing as time passes without clean-up. Quantify this cost so you are able to communicate the importance of data hygiene to your boss, board, and/or stakeholders.

Turning Towards Each Other: A Conflict Workbook

Jovida Ross and Weyam Ghadbian
The exercises in this workbook are offered as a way to bring love into the hard parts of our relationships. Of course, when we’re in the middle of a tense situation, it may not feel like love. It can be helpful to remember that there are always multiple truths present in a conflict: We each experience a situation differently, and interpret what is going on from a different vantage point. Making space for our feelings and experiences to be acknowledged can help us surface deeper insights hidden in the tension and uncover new solutions.

Move The Money: Practices and Values for Funding Social Movements

Building Movement Project
A set of resources geared towards grantmaking institutions eager to expand and deepen their support of organizations, networks, and leaders involved with social change movements.

Beyond the Board Statement: How Can Boards Join the Movement for Racial Justice? (Part Two)

Jeanne Bell & Nonprofit Quarterly
In this second part of a two-part series, nationally renowned board and equity consultants Vernetta Walker and Robin Stacia answer participants’ questions about how to transform a board so it embraces a racial equity agenda, In this session, you’ll find many practical examples of ways to approach the work, discussions of the barriers to change, and tools to help organize and ground racial justice in your organizational mission. Stacia and Walker bring an interactive approach that is deeply insightful, grounded in both research and practice, and unrelentingly focused on creating a different and more racially just future.

BoardSource Racial Equity Tools Glossary

Racial Equity Tools has created a glossary of terms to create a shared understanding of words to enhance the way we talk about race. Language is an essential tool in racial equity work, and the terms we use have evolved as this work has developed. Having a common language allows us to better engage, discuss, and reflect on these important issues together. Terms in the glossary include: Implicit bias, Institutional racism, Microaggression, Restorative justice

Storytelling Toolkit: Lessons Learned from NHT's "Where Will We Live"

National Housing Trust
This toolkit is a guide for advocates to replicate the National Housing Trust’s efforts and successfully employ digital, visual and audio storytelling strategies within their advocacy tactics.

Public Policy Resources
This guide includes links to free public policy online resources that will help one get a better sense of the entire field.

Public Policy Career Outlook
This guide provides you with in-depth information on degree planning including program structures, concentrations, and skill development and application for a Public Policy career.

Earning a Public Policy Master’s Degree
This resource will help you learn about the common Master's in Public Policy admission requirements, coursework, and jobs available for graduates.

Vision, Values, and Voice: A Communications Toolkit

The Opportunity Agenda
This toolkit focuses on the broader goal of identifying universal themes and values that tie together a range of issues.

Rights for Renters Messaging

Public Will Initiative with Topos
This tool reiterates focusing on the positives instead of the negatives when it comes to messaging. Even though the series is called Rights for Renters, it isn’t actually limited to renter issue areas—such as the Critiquing Without Undermining Government brief.

A Progressive’s Style Guide

Hanna Thomas (; Anna Hirsch (
A Progressive’s Style Guide is explicitly multi-voiced and is created with the following commitments. 1) We combat discriminatory language. 2) We seek advice or more information when we’re unsure. 3) When writing, speaking, or using images, we aim to use examples that reflect a broad range of identities and perspectives.

55 Competency-Based Ideas for Professional Development

The Bridgespan Group
This extensive list of 55 practical on-the-job learning opportunities will help you build customized development plans for your direct reports.

MASSCAP Trainings: Recorded Webinars

This resource contains all the past recorded webinars from MASSCAP (Understanding Immigrant Rights, Community Action Impact, Succession Planning, and More!)

Tools for Cultivating and Connecting Leaders

Living Cities
A well curated toolkit to support effective and adaptive leadership

Sample CDC Policies and Procedures

Local Initiatives Support Corporation
Sample guide outlines Community Development Corporation organizational policies and procedures in line with requirements for federal funding

Pro Bono Analytics for Non-Profit Organizations

Learn about the pro-bono analytics software that nonprofit organizations can use to analyze data

Community Resources for Boards

Set of guides on everything for nonprofit boards, from how to take minutes to financial and fundraising issues.

Free Management Library

Authencity Consulting
Library provides resources on management related topics including operations, fundraising, HR, communications etc.

Logic Model Workbook

Innovation Network
Step-by-step guide explains how nonprofit organizations can develop a logic model for program evaluation


Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation
This website offers web based courses and resources on all aspects of non-profit management including development, marketing, and operations

Developing Your Persuasive Message

M+R Strategic Services
This tool provides a framework to help you or your organization craft a persuasive message to generate appeal for your efforts

Social Impact Calculator

Low Income Investment Fund
This tool helps organizations put a dollar value on their impact including affordable housing, education initiatives and other community development programming

LISC Library

Local Initiatives Support Corporation
We produce Case Studies, Guidebooks, Topical Reports, Research and Conference Papers, and Trade Articles that provide practical ideas as well as celebrate the success of the field.

Valuing Our Nonprofit Workforce 2014

Third Sector New England
Salary and benefits information from a range of different types of nonprofits