LEARNING AREA: Community Organizing and Planning
community pipeline

Recruiting and Developing Leadership in Community Development: Key Ingredients for Success


Ann L. Silverman, Paula S. Anzer for NeighborWorks America




As the field has grown more complex, and as equity issues have been raised more broadly, NeighborWorks organizations, community development corporations (CDCs), and
others in the nonprofit sector are expressing deep concern about the barriers to finding and retaining skilled people to do the work. Further complicating the challenge is competition from the private sector and larger nonprofits and the historic shortcomings in hiring and retaining people of color and people from the communities in which NeighborWorks organizations and CDCs are located. This has become even more prevalent as we
continue in the age of COVID-19. This report responds to those concerns with a review of some of the efforts across the countryto address recruitment, retention, and leadership development in community development, and related work including lessons
learned. This report also includes recommended next steps.