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latinos in ma

Latinos in Massachusetts


Gaston Institute




The Gastón Institute’s 2021 Latinos in Massachusetts series of reports focuses on the cities in the state with large Latino populations and that were most affected by Covid-19 cases. This release includes the cities of Chelsea, Lawrence, Lowell, Lynn, Springfield and Worcester. 

At 81%. Lawrence has the largest share of Latino residents of all cities and towns in MA. It is followed closely by Chelsea, where Latino share of residents is 67%. Meanwhile, Springfield, home to 69,301 Latinos, is the city with the second largest Latino population in the state. 

The reports provide a descriptive analysis using 2015-2019 American Community Survey (ACS) and other publicly available Massachusetts educational, employment, and public health data. They highlight the enormous challenges faced by the Latino communities in these cities, as well as the potential created by their increasing demographic growth.