LEARNING AREA: Community Organizing and Planning, Real Estate Development
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Crowded In and Priced Out: Why It’s so Hard to Find a Family-Sized Unit in Greater Boston


MAPC Team: Tim Reardon, Director of Data Services Sarah Philbrick, Socioeconomic Analyst II Jessie Partridge Guerrero, Research Manager




Finding a home to rent or buy in Greater Boston is stressful. Prices are high, available units are scarce, and competition is stiff. For families with children looking for units with three bedrooms or more, the process can be especially challenging. 

These results shed light on a topic of great concern to many people around the region, and demonstrate there is no one cause, and no one solution, to the lack of family housing in Greater Boston. The challenges facing families are symptomatic of the region’s broader housing crisis resulting from the underproduction of housing of all types, at many price points, across all communities. The needs of families cannot be addressed in isolation, but require comprehensive action to produce more housing to meet the needs of all the region’s residents today, and tomorrow.