The Resident Leadership Training Collaborative is a partnership between a CDC or other nonprofit housing corporation and the Mel King Institute. It is designed to enhance resident power and participation in the partnering organization and/or its surrounding community. The collaboration serves to empower everyday people to dream big and bring their community visions to life. Building on our five years of work with public housing residents, the program includes resident training but also other points of collaboration with the CDC or other partner.


  • Phase One is designed to learn more about the partner’s current work with residents and its goals for resident training. Together, MKI and the partner will identify action opportunities that are available for interested residents. For example, trained residents could be invited to join a CDC Committee, form a tenant group, or take action through a community partner. This phase will last approximately one month.
  • During Phase 2 we will train the cohort of residents, using a tailored mix of sessions from our multi-part curriculum. See possible topics below. This phase will likely last six weeks to two months.
  • In Phase 3, we will work to integrate the learnings from the training, facilitate conversations between residents and staff, and help residents take advantage of opportunities for action. The goal of Phase 3 is to help tenants apply the lessons learned and increase the likelihood that the changes adopted in organizational culture, leadership and action are sustained for the long term. This phase will last from one to three months.

After the completion of Phase 3, trained residents will have ongoing access to monthly support sessions with MKI trainers.

Menu of Training Topics: The specific training curriculum will be tailored to the group’s needs. Trainings can be offered over Zoom or in person. Possible topics include:

  • Organizing and building power
  • Network-building and mapping
  • One-to-one conversations
  • Racial equity, implicit bias and radical inclusion
  • Communications
  • Issue Identification
  • Running Meetings
  • Taking Action
  • Running Campaigns
  • Group Facilitation
  • Negotiation
  • Introduction to Community Economic Development

Cost: These training sessions are $2500 for 15 resident participants.  This price includes the Phase 1, two full days (ten hours) of Training, or it can be offered in 4 sessions. Phase 2 and 3. Additional training time will be charged separately at the rate of $75/hour. CDCs will be asked to cover the costs of space, catering and interpretation at the trainings. Virtual trainings are also an option.

Join the Collaborative! To partner with us, contact Emma Caviness at or (617) 379-5933 and Shirronda Almeida at or (617) 379-5923.