Culture Change Roundtable: Is Social Division All In Our Heads?

LEARNING AREA: Racial Equity
Dec. 2022
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New findings from the Culture Change Project show a particular mindset gaining ground in American culture—that social division is driven by the media and is largely a product of our own imaginations. This mindset leads people to conclude that our social problems can be solved by changing the way that we think and talk about polarization, and toning down our focus on division. According to this way of thinking, if we are reminded less frequently of how different and divided we are, Americans will come together.

Join us on Friday, December 9 from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm ET for a discussion with progressive thinkers and change-makers about what the emergence of this mindset means for American culture, social justice, and democracy.

- Erica Williams Simon is an award-winning narrative strategist, author, creative and interviewer. As the founder and former Head of Snapchat’s Creator’s Lab, Erica creates content and conversations that help a diverse, digital native generation tell new stories about
“who we are and how we want to live”. Learn more about Erica:

- Dorian T. Warren is the co-president of Community Change, co-chair of the Economic Security Project and co-host of System Check. A progressive scholar, organizer, and media personality, Dorian has worked to advance racial, economic, and social justice for over two decades.
Learn more about Dorian: