Mass Poor People’s and Low-Wage Workers’ Statehouse Assembly and to the Polls

LEARNING AREA: Racial Equity, Economic Development
Mar. 2024
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Join the Massachusetts Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival on Saturday, March 2, at 11 am as we march and rally bringing the demands of poor and low-wealth people for living wages, healthcare, housing, education, environmental justice, and voting rights directly to our lawmakers. Together we are taking back the mic! Raising our voices! And registering our votes as demands!


We cannot slide quietly into the dark! That’s why Massachusetts is joining states across the nation who will be holding simultaneous assemblies and marches at their state capitals. We are going to raise our voices and to make our votes demands. We are going to Boston to deliver a moral indictment of the cynical priorities and immoral policies of the leadership of the Massachusetts Legislature. Our state capitals are not just symbolic; they are the policy hubs whose decisions directly impact people facing systemic poverty and the interlocking injustices. Join with us, poor people, clergy and faith leaders, and advocates in building an action that will send a message to the legislators responsible for the unrelenting policy violence against the 2.3 million poor and low-income people in our state that we won’t be silent anymore.


Date: Saturday, March 2


9:30-10:00AM - Gather at the Site of the Boston Massacre - Downtown at the corner of State and Washington Streets, at the Old State House.

10:00AM - Join us as we march from the Old State House to the 54th Regiment Memorial in the Boston Common across the street from the Massachusetts State House.

11:00AM - Rally at the 54th Regiment Memorial in Boston Common across the street from the Massachusetts State House.


Across the nation, poor people make up 30% of the electorate, here in Massachusetts, there are 1.3 million poor and low-income eligible voters. This is the power of the sleeping giant! Organizing and mobilizing poor and low-income voters means that we can build the Massachusetts we believe in! It’s time for us to take back the mic from those who want to talk about everything else but the death-sentence of poverty in these yet to be United States. That’s why we are mobilizing around the issues that impact our communities most. If you believe in freedom, if you believe in living wages, healthcare, voting rights and stopping voter suppression, equal rights for all, worker and labor rights, environmental justice, access to housing, fully-funded public education, abolishing poverty, and the unity of love not the division of hate, join us on March 2 in Boston!