Facilitative Leadership for Social Change

LEARNING AREA: Racial Equity, Nonprofit Governance
Jun. 2022
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Interaction Institute for Social Change



3 hours


Effective leadership in these times is not about striving to control what is uncontrollable; rather, it is about creating the conditions for groups, teams, organizations, and communities to effectively and creatively intervene in the structural, institutional, interpersonal, and internalized effects of the systems that shape our lives. This includes making it easy for others — regardless of race, class, gender, ability, sexuality, and other identities and experiences — to offer their perspectives and talents, speak up when they have problems, take initiative, make decisions, work with others, and share responsibility for the health of the team, organization, or community.

Facilitative Leadership for Social Change develops practical collaborative skills and tools for tapping the creativity, experience, and commitment of groups and provides participants with a forum in which to explore their challenges and aspirations as leaders. At the heart of the workshop are powerful leadership practices that, when fully embraced, create the conditions for people to move together from vision to action in extraordinary new ways.

You will leave this workshop series with practical frameworks, skills and tools to:

See systems by analyzing a situation from a systems perspective in order to leverage transformational change

Seek maximum appropriate involvement of key stakeholders in order to make well informed decisions and build commitment to successful implementation

Facilitate agreement across diverse perspectives in order to generate breakthrough decisions and actions

Focus on multiple dimensions of success — not just the measurable results — in order to ensure sustainable success

Discover shared meaning and understand our unconscious thought processes in order to build alignment for concerted action, especially across lines of difference

Design pathways to action, including meeting agendas that achieve high levels of results, process, and relationship satisfaction

In our public offering of Facilitative Leadership for Social Change – Virtual, we approach these practices through six of the seven modules. Each module is three hours, and may have pre-work and follow-up materials with which to engage between sessions. Each module includes some teaching of the tools and practices, individual reflection to help integrate the practices into your life and work, and small group time to practice and grow your understanding. We also prioritize connection between the program participants because the group’s collective wisdom is precious, and we try to give it space to grow and spread. And because we believe that building supportive networks between social change leaders is crucial to building the communal power and vision that we need to radically transform our society and our organizations.

Registration fee

$1,050/per person Nonprofit | $1,325/per person Foundation | $1,575/per person For-Profit/Social Venture