Partnership Agreement Essentials for Tax Credit Projects - A Seasoned Asset Manager's Perspective

LEARNING AREA: Nonprofit Governance, Economic Development
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About the Training
What exactly is the purpose of a limited partnership agreement (LPA) in a partnership that uses Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) equity to develop affordable rental housing? More importantly, what are the essential LPA terms, conditions, obligations, covenants and responsibilities that you REALLY must understand as a stakeholder in a tax credit partnership? If you work in an organization that develops, operates or invests in LIHTC multifamily housing and would benefit from a seasoned expert's’ perspective on the LPA or simply have limited experience navigating this essential document, this training is for you.
Join seasoned tax credit asset manager Vinnie Viola for a 90-minute training that covers the essentials of LIHTC partnership agreements. He'll review the key frequently referenced terms and sections of a typical LPA. Attendees may submit questions for discussion and participate in on-screen polls.​​ 


About the Presenter
​​​Vinnie Viola, MPA, is Principal and Founder of Birch Island Real Estate Consulting, LLC. His company provides asset management consulting services and cutting-edge web-based and private trainings to owners, developers, operators and investors of multifamily housing funded with LIHTC equity. With over 30 years’ experience, Vinnie has worked in for-profit, government and not-for-profit organizations that invest in, manage and regulate affordable housing. His career includes ten years in various leadership roles at Boston Financial Investment Management and Boston Capital, through which he gained expertise with asset management best practices and LIHTC program. In these roles, Vinnie actively participated in hundreds of investment committee meetings for prospective tax credit investments. He has proactively asset managed thousands of rental units in hundreds of investment partnerships, comprising billions in investor contributed tax credit equity. Vinnie received his BA in Geography from the University of Massachusetts, Boston and an MPA from the University of Texas, Dallas. From November 2019 to January 2023, he served as director of asset management at Boston-based Madison Park Development Corporation.