Integrated Capital Cards

LEARNING AREA: Economic Development, Other


2 days




This is a two-day training!
May 11th - 02 pm to 04 pm
May 18th - 02 pm to 04 pm

This is an experiential learning opportunity that will give you an understanding of creative financial tools to support for-profit and nonprofit social ventures, as well as broaden your view of how multiple stakeholders can solve problems together. BII will run the session using their Integrated Capital Cards, a deck made up of 121 cards in 6 suits that help match types of capital and transaction structures with startups, small businesses and nonprofits that are contributing to building regenerative and equitable economies. During the session, we will be using a case study to achieve these learning objectives:

·Discover the many forms of capital beyond bank loans that are available to entrepreneurs in your community.

·Identify the roles multiple stakeholders can play in providing financial and social capital to the entrepreneurs you support.

·Learn the role of social and ecological impact metrics.

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Registration fee

$30 student & AmeriCorps/ $50 MACDC member $75 non MACDC member