Webinar: Self Care for Resident Leaders, Part II

LEARNING AREA: Resident Leadership Academy
Resident Leadership Academy


1 hour




Join us for a follow-up from our previous self-care webinar! In the fall we talked about how residents can maintain personal boundaries and take care of themselves while navigating complex dynamics with other tenants, management and the broader community. We identified the need to continue and deepen the conversation. How does self-care relate to leadership?  How can we sustain ourselves for the long haul, especially since we live where we work? Join with MKI Trainer Maria Fernandes-Dominique, as well as MKI’s Sarah Byrnes and Tiana Lawrence, to think through how we engage in self-care while organizing in our communities. 

For Residents of Public Housing. To register, please contact Tiana Lawrence at tianal@macdc.org.

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