Advancing Equity and Prosperity through Digital Access

LEARNING AREA: Community Organizing and Planning


4 hours




The topics of digital equity and inclusion are certainly not new, though the pandemic has brought them into clearer focus. While many activities and resources have moved online over the past decade, the pandemic forced many institutions and organizations to offer a significant portion of their programs and services exclusively online. Whether it was trying to attend classes, apply for government benefits, or practice religion, many people were excluded from fully participating in their communities if they lacked internet access, the devices to use the internet, and the digital literacy skills to navigate technology successfully.

This Symposium is an opportunity to learn about digital equity and inclusion, and how it impacts many communities across the U.S. We’ll explore everything from what these concepts mean, the data and national context of who is digitally excluded, how nonprofits are working to bridge digital divides, how to identify funding and other resources, and what your successful programs might look like. Most importantly, we’ll support you in starting to outline what you can do in your organization to start (or expand) your work towards digital equity in your community.