COVID, Race, and Housing Insecurity

LEARNING AREA: Racial Equity, Real Estate Development, Economic Development
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Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies


1 hour




The economic impacts of the pandemic have been most acutely felt by Black, Hispanic, and Asian households in the United States. In this talk, Sharon Cornelissen, a Center Postdoctoral Fellow and Alexander Hermann, a Senior Research Analyst at the Center, will report on new research that uses data to measure and better understand racial and ethnic differences in the economic impacts of COVID. Their results indicate that during the second half of 2020 Black, Hispanic, and Asian households were two-to-three times more likely to fall behind on housing payments than white households and while some of these inequalities can be explained by disparities that preceded the pandemic, new pathways created by COVID-19 aggravated housing insecurity for Black, Hispanic, and Asian households.

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