Remaking the Economy: Finding the Levers for System Change

LEARNING AREA: Economic Development
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Nonprofit Quarterly


1 hour




How does social change happen? Join us to explore economic system change from multiple vantage points: including community-based economic development, electoral organizing, and group facilitation—with an eye to identifying unexpected intersections and areas of alignment. For this discussion, our panelists are:

Sendolo Diaminah is co-director of Carolina Federation, a statewide group that combines electoral work with base-building local grassroots community organizing. In 2020, the group organized its first campaigns in four North Carolina counties.

Lela Klein is co-executive director of Co-op Dayton, a nonprofit incubator of cooperatives. Klein was part of a team that engaged in a 6-year-long co-op organizing campaign that culminated in May 2021 opening of Gem City Market, a food co-op in West Dayton, a primarily Black neighborhood. 

Tuesday Ryan-Hart is cofounder and system change strategist for The Outside, a social change consultancy that helps build infrastructure for equitable systems change and which works with a wide range of groups across the globe in areas such as employment policy, hunger alleviation, homelessness, and refugee assistance. 

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