Building Racial Equity (Level 1)

LEARNING AREA: Racial Equity
Oct. 2021
13, 21, 4, 12, 16, 7
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Race Forward

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Oct 21, 12:00pm

Nov 4, 12:00pm

Nov 12, 12:00pm

Nov 16, 12:00pm

Dec 7, 12:00pm


6 hours 30 minutes



Training Components: 

  • Racial Justice Values & Vision
  • Key Concepts: Different Dimensions of Racism / Structural Racism
  • Implicit Bias and Systems Analysis
  • Opportunities to Advance Racial Justice

Participants will:

  • build a clear understanding of key concepts such as racial equity and structural racism
  • learn to talk about race constructively within their organizations and with their constituents
  • gain tools and practices for counteracting racial bias in their work and practices
  • identify opportunities and next steps for applying concepts and strategies to advance racial equity

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