Building Supervisor-Staff Relationships Through Communication

LEARNING AREA: Nonprofit Governance
Nov. 2021
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TSNE MIssionWorks


2 hours



Skilled, intentional, and strategic supervision is integral to organizational success and employee satisfaction. Effective supervisors, whether new to the role or coming with a wealth of experience, tap into self-awareness, are adaptive, and leverage a range of interpersonal skills. Using these practices, a supervisor creates a culture of mutual respect — one in which employees and supervisors communicate regularly and clearly about job-related expectations, tasks, and overall performance.

Learning Objectives

Through this 120-minute interactive session on effective supervisory communication, participants will: 

  • Understand the importance of soliciting feedback and learn approaches to building this into their supervisory practice 
  • Discover the barriers to receiving constructive feedback and ways to manage reactions which support your effectiveness as a supervisor 
  • Explore the conditions that make giving feedback valuable and practice adaptive approaches to providing constructive and positive feedback
  • Learn how to hold one-on-one meetings that strengthen communication, trust, and staff effectiveness

Target Audience

Supervisors with all levels of experience, from emerging supervisors to those with many years of experience. 

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