Recruiting & Managing the Board You Need

LEARNING AREA: Leadership Development
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Nonprofit Quarterly


1 hour 30 minutes




For many nonprofits, a relevant, thriving board feels like a goal that's always just out of reach. But for organizations that do have the right board members focused on the right things, the return is powerful: appropriate oversight and stewardship, thought-partnership, ambassadorship, and for some, fundraising and giving.

How do leaders get there? It starts with recruiting the people your organization actually needs now: matching your recruitment efforts to the current values and strategies of the organization. From there, it's about strong board leadership, including clear roles for board officers and succession planning as they prepare to roll off. And, if the board is to truly be a place of generative thinking about key strategic opportunities and challenges, then a thriving board is also one that can engage in productive conflict, or at least move itself through conflict effectively.

Join us for an honest and practical discussion of what it takes to get to a thriving board. Our conversation will include:

• promising practices for intentional board recruitment

• board officers and hierarchy

• navigating conflict within the board