Strategic Planning

LEARNING AREA: Leadership Development
Partner Events
TSNE MIssionWorks


2 hours




Nonprofit organizations are being challenged more than ever by impatient donors and community stakeholders to achieve greater impact on the significant issues and problems evident throughout our neighborhoods and communities. Strategic planning is a systematic approach that engages the leadership and critical partners to develop a plan for the future that outlines specific strategies, tactics, and measurable outcomes. If nonprofit organizations are to survive and thrive, they need to think and act strategically.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand key concepts of strategic planning, facilitation, and community engagement for nonprofit organizations; 
  • Gain insight to methodology and framework for analyzing data to develop strategy;  
  • Learn how strategic planning fits within the governance and management roles / responsibilities of nonprofit organizations;  
  • Understand the role of those in authority positions and those without authority in guiding the strategic planning process; and 
  • Recognize and learn how to engage the community to achieve social change.