Effective Supervision: Part 2

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Participants must have taken Effective Supervision Part 1 as a prerequisite for this training. 

Successful supervisors start with curiosity and awareness of their own supervisory and communication style, as well as their particular cultural lens. By expanding their view and skillfully shifting these default approaches, they can more fully develop staff and maximize performance. 


Learning Objectives

This highly participatory and reflective training takes a deeper look at concepts discussed in TSNE’s Effective Supervision workshop. Participants will: 

  • Review the four supervisory styles and reflect on ways that adaptive practice has improved and challenged supervisory relationships 
  • Consider approaches to decision making as they relate to staff readiness 
  • Deepen their practice of relationship-building communication skills  
  • Consider a model of staff performance management and engage in adaptive feedback and communication to address performance issues at all levels  

Come prepared to actively participate!