Remaking the Economy: Worker Self-Directed Nonprofits in Practice

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What does worker self-management in nonprofits look like—and can it work in practice? In this webinar conversation, a coproduction of NPQ and the Sustainable Economies Law Center, we look at nonprofits that have implemented worker self-management and analyze both the successes and challenges inherent in sharing management authority across the entire staff.

In this webinar, we ask people who have participated in worker self-directed nonprofits to share their experiences. Our expert panelists are:

Sue Bennett is director of operations of Sustainable Economies Law Center, based in Oakland, CA

Yani Burgos is codirector of Movement Sustainability Commons, based in Boston, MA.

Faye Christoforo is a researcher with Nonprofit Democracy Network and codirector of the New England Grassroots Environmental Fund, based in Newmarket, NH.

Jay Monteverde is cofounder and president of Breach Collective, based in Eugene, OR.

Ramiro Murguia is director of events at Post-Landfill Action Network (PLAN) in Philadelphia, PA.