Nonprofit Decision-Making Framework for Complex Challenges

LEARNING AREA: Nonprofit Governance
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How can the leaders of nonprofit organizations develop and implement a decision-making framework that meets the challenges of today’s community service environment? What is the balance between providing sound information, supporting constructive consideration of options, and arriving at a consensus-based best outcome?

In this workshop, we will introduce a four-step framework an organization’s leadership “ecosystem” can follow that involves:

  1. carefully distilling issues into a clear written summary with options and a recommendation
  2. sharing this information
  3. supporting constructive discussions with stakeholders
  4. bringing your leadership into agreement on the best possible decision

After the introduction, we will continue with breakout sessions in which participants will have the opportunity to practice this framework by playing two roles: (1) senior staff presenting a challenging issue in next year’s budget for board approval and (2) members of the board’s executive committee addressing a surprising human resources issue involving senior staff and a valued former member of the board.

We will explore tools including written and oral communication strategies that lead to making the best possible decision, along with tips for maintaining the framework, and trouble-shooting techniques for decision-making.


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