Creating a High Performance Board

LEARNING AREA: Nonprofit Governance
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2 hours




Nonprofit boards play a key role helping organizations achieve impact. While many boards have operationalized the foundational practices that help them work together, there is a strong body of research around what takes boards to the next stage of being highly effective and impactful.  

This workshop will focus on evidence-based strategies and practices that can serve as the catalyst for improving the performance of your already-functional board. Participants will walk away with hands-on experience with essential tools and models, as well as an action plan to guide next steps for their own board development.  

Note: If you are looking to start with some of the basics of board structure and performance, check out our companion training, Fundamentals of Board Effectiveness on October 21, 2021.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about different methods and tools to cultivate an effective and values-aligned board culture
  • Understand the importance of assessing board effectiveness, and tools you can use to review your own board
  • Discuss the role of the Board Chair and their relationship with the Executive Director or CEO
  • Learn about ways to promote strategic focus and a culture of inquiry within your board

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