Recruitment and Retention in Community Development: Best practices for a new generation of non-profit leadership

LEARNING AREA: Nonprofit Governance
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NeighborWorks America


1 hour 30 minutes




• What models exist for the recruitment and retention of staff at all levels of community development?
• How do we support and position existing staff for promotion?
• How do we broaden our appeal to attract and retain talent, especially among BIPOC?

These questions and more were the subject of an 18-month study reviewing strategies, programs and practices throughout the country that could be adopted to strengthen the staffing and leadership development practices within the nonprofit community development field. The study evaluated programs across the nation for their effectiveness, commonalities, and feasibility for replication.

Join NeighborWorks America for a discussion about the findings of study and how it might inform best practices in the field. These discussions will also help NeighborWorks to determine how we can best support recruitment and retention for the next generation of community development leaders.

Ann L. Silverman, Principal, Ann L. Silverman Consulting
Paula S. Anzer, Associate, Ann L. Silverman Consulting

Presented with the support of New York Community Bancorp

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