Year 15 Advocacy: State, Federal and Local Efforts

LEARNING AREA: Real Estate Development
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1 hour




Register now for a LIHTC Year 15 webinar series, hosted by Goldstein Hall, the National Housing Law Project, Southeast Louisiana Legal Services, and Regional Housing Legal Services.

While practitioners have sought simplification of the LIHTC rules for years, many state and local actors have begun to address the harsh outcomes of many Year 15 disputes.  This panel will discuss efforts to influence local, state and federal policy with respect to the IRC Section 42 Right of First Refusal.

Confirmed Speakers:
•    Darryl Austin, Senior Counsel, Goldstein Hall PLLC
•    Robert Rozen, Consultant
•    Dina Schlossberg, Deputy Director/Senior Attorney for Multifamily Housing, Regional Housing Legal Services
•    Hannah Adams, Staff Attorney, Southeast Louisiana Legal Services

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