Partnership Agreement Essentials for Tax Credit Projects - A Seasoned Asset Manager's Perspective (TC Series Pt. I)

LEARNING AREA: Real Estate Development
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1 hour 30 minutes




What exactly is the purpose of a limited partnership agreement (LPA) in a partnership that uses Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) equity to develop affordable rental housing? More importantly, what are the essential LPA terms, conditions, obligations, covenants and responsibilities that you REALLY must understand as a stakeholder in a tax credit partnership? If you work in an organization that develops, operates or invests in LIHTC multifamily housing and would benefit from a seasoned expert's’ perspective on the LPA or simply have limited experience navigating this essential document, this training is for you.

​Join seasoned tax credit asset manager Vinnie Viola for a 90-minute training that covers the essentials of LIHTC partnership agreements. He'll review the key frequently referenced terms and sections of a typical LPA. Attendees may submit questions for discussion and participate in on-screen polls.​​

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