Centering Language in the Pursuit of Health Equity

LEARNING AREA: Health Equity, Nonprofit Governance
Partner Events
Community Health Training Institute


3 hours




Description: Language is powerful. Words can connote respect or lack-thereof, stigmatize or empower, and words and language can either encourage or deter participation in services or public health settings. In recent years, public health language has shifted to be more inclusive (e.g., sharing pronouns and using person-first language). Public health language is constantly evolving to better meet the needs of the community and address problems more effectively, because using more inclusive language can help build relationships and create safety and comfort for marginalized people. When inclusive language is lacking, it can create friction during budding relationships with target or vulnerable communities. This training will address the use of language in the field of public health, and how actively working to use inclusive language is a necessity in equity work. The trainers will provide a framework for interrogating our language using hands-on activities and small group discussion, in order to push participants to consider the language they use in their work, and where there might be gaps.

Audience: Coalition leaders and partners, community groups, individuals working towards community health.

Learning Objectives: Participants will be able to:
1. Empower themselves to have a deeper understanding of inclusive language, and how to use it in their work.
2. Identify 1-2 frameworks to help them interrogate public health language.
3. Identify how to apply these lessons to create safer and more comfortable workspaces.

Trainers: Gracie Rolfe, Jasper Lee, and Tonayo Crow, Health Resources in Action

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