Become a Power Presenter

LEARNING AREA: Nonprofit Governance
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2 hours




Learn to be a powerful presenter! Not everyone feels comfortable in front of a crowd. Whether it’s presenting an informal report, delivering a keynote speech, or simply speaking up during a meeting. Finding your true and confident voice can be a challenge. Using a theater-derived approach and practical “on-your-feet” exercises, this workshop will give you the tools required to engage your audience with warmth, confidence and clarity. 

Learning Objectives

In this highly participatory workshop, you will learn to:

Master the 5 essential vocal dynamics
Seize the “stage” to find place of power
Explore the intersection between knowledge and warmth
Use physicality and eye contact to captivate your audience
Receive constructive individualized feedback for immediate improvement
Target Audience

Seasoned leader or associates just entering into the sector. The target audience of this training is those who seek strategies for confident and effective presentations and communication.

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