Civic Life Lunch - Environmental Innovation: Lessons Learned from Indigenous & Afrodescendant Communities

LEARNING AREA: Racial Equity, Community Organizing and Planning
Oct. 2021
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Tufts College




Join Tisch College for a conversation on the intersection of climate change, environmental policy and Indigenous and Afrodescendant people in the Americas with former Colombian Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Luis Gilberto Murillo-Urrutia. Murillo-Urrutia has 30 years of experience in public policy design, implementation and advocacy in the areas of sustainable regional development, environmental protection and management of natural resources, social inclusion and peace building. He was elected Governor of the predominantly Afro-Colombian State of Choco, and under President Santos’ administration, he served as Presidential Advisor and Director for the Todos Somos PAZcifico Development Plan. In the 2000s, Murillo-Urrutia helped make the voices of marginalized Colombians heard in the policy debate both in Colombia and Washington, DC, and was a catalytic force in creating links between Afro-Colombian and African American civil society, elected officials and the public. He is currently a research fellow at the Center for Latino and Latin American Studies at American University and senior evaluation consultant on natural resource management, equity and inclusion for the UN Food and Agricultural Organization.

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