The Politics of Planting Roots in Boston: Property and Wealth Creation

LEARNING AREA: Racial Equity, Real Estate Development, Economic Development
Aug. 2021
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1 hour



It's no secret that putting down roots and building equity in a city like Boston is a tremendous challenge. Homeowners in Greater Boston are a distinct and fortunate minority, and there's an increasing recognition of the role that homeownership plays in neighborhood stability and closing the racial wealth gap. Breaking the cycle of poverty and creating opportunities for families, particularly for Black families, relies on equitable housing and business policies. In this community conversation, reporter Tiana Woodard will speak with a group of local individuals with perspective to share around wealth creation and real estate and local business ownership.

Globe Reporter Tiana Woodard will lead this conversation with voices from the local community including Samantha Montaño of JPNDC, Pamela Rosario-Pérez of Rocena Real Estate Strategies and Rapid7, Quontay Turner of Q Made it and Emerald City Plant Shop.

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