Emergency Rental Assistance Webinar

LEARNING AREA: Community Organizing and Planning, Real Estate Development
Aug. 2021
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Aug 11, 1:00pm


1 hour



The sessions will cover: 
•         FAQs on the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. 
•         Updated policy for 18 months of rental assistance. 
•         New process to recertify applicants for future stipends. 
•         New process for direct payments to eligible tenants where a landlord is unreachable or will not participate in program.  
•         Definition of COVID-19 impact, and how more applicants may be eligible.  
•         Success of community mediation as a tool to preserve tenancies. 
•         Other resources, including legal aid and other homelessness prevention programs. 
Tenants and landlords can receive deep subsidies with federal programs, and we want to ensure that as many households as possible submit and complete applications. Many more households are potentially eligible than have applied, and we need your help in spreading awareness.  


Friday, August 6

Wednesday, August 11
The quickest way for tenants and landlords to receive funding is to submit a complete application. There is no fee to submit an application, and small landlords can apply on behalf of their tenants.  
For rental assistance, please visit www.mass.gov/CovidHousingHelp   
For more information on legal aid, please visit https://evictionlegalhelp.org/ 
For more information on community mediation, please visit https://www.resolutionma.org/ 
You can also call 2-1-1 for regional referrals and is available in multiple languages.  

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