Lightning in a Bottle: Building Lasting Growth from Viral Moments

LEARNING AREA: Nonprofit Governance
Jun. 2021


1 hour 30 minutes



The digital era is profoundly changing the way people connect to the causes and movements they care about. The Trump presidency and the resistance it engendered only accelerated these shifts. A new report funded by the Haas Jr. Fund called Lightning in a Bottle: Building Lasting Growth from Viral Moments shares the stories of two immigrants' rights organizations who managed and thrived through exponential growth in donors, digital followers, and media attention. There are lessons for all who want to build and actively engage their constituencies.

Using the report as inspiration, in this webinar we'll look across movements and explore how communications and fundraising staff capture "lightning in a bottle." Topics include:

  • building the communications and fundraising systems you need in real time
  • understanding who your new supporters are and what they value
  • motivating supporters' engagement and social action
  • strategic coordination of communications and fundraising efforts

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