Living Together Short Film Screening

LEARNING AREA: Community Organizing and Planning
May. 2021




''Our region thrives when its people do, and our people thrive when their families and social networks are strong, and when their schools, governments, and jobs support them."
Join us for the premiere of “Living Together,” an original short film by Mariona Lloretta. It’s the stories of five Greater Boston residents, their lived experience and their hope for the place we all call home. 

Following the free screening, we’ll hear from the director and a few of the people featured in Living Together. Learn about the making of the film and about what we need to do to make the region a place where everyone can thrive. Q&A, too!

This premiere kicks off our final month of collecting feedback on MetroCommon 2050, Greater Boston’s next long-term regional plan! Stay tuned for many more events and opportunities next month!
•    Mariona Lloreta, “Living Together” Director and Producer 
•    Keisha Greaves, Girls Chronically Rock, Film Participant 
•    Edwin Mena, Film Participant 
•    Jimmy Liang, Film Participant 
•    Gabriela Garcia, Film Participant 
•    Carolina Prieto, MAPC Community Engagement Manager 

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