Making Use of Local Census Data

March 14, 2012


Time: 9:30am-1:30pm
Location: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Pierce Laboratory 1-115 (77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA) MAP
Instructor: Ezra Glenn (Dept. of Urban Studies and Planning)

Course description:
The Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) now provides a wealth of census data on demographics, housing, jobs, transportation, and other topics at the level of individual census tracts – perfect for CDCs and neighborhood planning projects. However, the ACS requires some new ways of thinking about how we use numbers and how we deal with uncertainty and change. This hands-on session will draw on real-world examples to help you learn how to get and use ACS data to make sense of your own community. This session will consist of two hours of lecture and one hour of clinic, where participants can engage with the new ACS website using projects of their own. This seminar is being offered at no cost by the Mel King Institute for Community Building.

Participant Quotes:

  • “Excellent, the presenter was very knowledgeable. I really enjoyed it.”
  • “Well presented and useful information.”
  • “This training will allow me to use ACS survey data to help support our mission and enable better formulation of agency goals.”

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